Did someone say young people are apathetic?

Well, not in Chile!  We Americans could learn a thing from the student movement there, which has been pressuring the right-wing government to move in a more social-democratic direction.

What are their tactics?

How about a kiss-in, for example?

Or a mass “suicide” to make the point that young people are “dead” without accessible education?

Or a downtown dance-in, complete with super-hero costumes?

Others are jogging in relays around the presidential palace, carrying flags that proclaim “Free Education Now.”  They’re trying to complete 1,800 laps to symbolize the $1.8 billion a year that protesters are demanding for Chile’s public education system.

The students are protesting the neo-liberal policies of the government, which are, as they do everywhere, creating greater income disparity and putting good education beyond the reach of big sectors of the society.

Remember, this is Chile we’re talking about, where many of the parents of these students were imprisoned and tortured by the Pinochet government for daring to speak out.

This new generation is taking a creative approach to protest, and it will be interesting to watch how it plays out.  Will the government actually stoop to breaking up those kiss-ins with water guns and tanks?

Or will they do the smart thing, which would be to learn a thing or two from these courageous student leaders?

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