Counter-Memory and the Politics of Loss After 9/11 | Truthout

Counter-Memory and the Politics of Loss After 9/11 | Truthout.

Excellent analysis by social critic Henry Giroux.  At least he still has the heart to end his tirade on a positive note!

“Within the last decade, America has taken a dire turn to the dark side and embraced a ruthless kind of moral Darwinism in which a survival-of-the-fittest logic and a cult-of-the-winner mentality legitimate a war of all against all and pernicious cynicism as the prevailing attitude toward everyday life.  We now live in a society driven by a hyped-up market fundamentalism that thrives on a culture of hardness to the point of cruelty. How else to explain the lack of public response over a Republican Congress that wants to tax the poor while refusing to raise taxes on the exorbitantly rich and hedge fund millionaires?”

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