Mitt Romney Blah Blah Blah

I refuse to listen to Mitt Romney’s speech.

Why bother?

It will only be tissue of lies and deceptions pandering to the fears and vulnerabilities of Americans who have gotten so used to being duped that they expect no more of their politicians.

Here is the truth as I see it:

The Republicans stole the 2000 election by voter suppression tactics and the willingness of the Supreme Court to be used as a political tool.

Thereafter, the Bush-Cheney criminals instigated two wars that bankrupted the country and used the threat of “terrorism” at home to justify the curtailing of civil rights through the Homeland Security Act.

The build-up of the police as a quasi-military force and the FBI as the tool of domestic surveillance proceeded apace throughout the Bush years, accompanied, let us not forget, by the creation of Guantanamo and various other secret off-shore detention sites where torture could be conducted outside of the public eye.

It was on Bush’s watch, too, that the economy crashed and burned, deregulation of the financial sector leading, just as Marx predicted, to “the bourgeoisie digging its own grave.”

Obama inherited this total mess.

All things considered, he’s done a heroic job at trying to make progress while blocked at every turn by hysterical, idiotic, crazy Tea Party Republicans.

It’s true that he hasn’t been able to do more than keep his finger in the dyke.

That he was able to pass a very positive and beneficial health care reform act is miraculous.

Given the constraints he has been forced to live with, how could we expect him to be our hero on the climate change front?  To lead the charge to renewable energy?

Isn’t it enough that he has pushed through significant new fuel economy standards for U.S. vehicles?

I’m sorry, folks, but I think we have to cut the President some slack.

None of us could do better given the stresses he lives with.

One President Obama is worth twenty Mitt Romneys, no matter what your unit of value might be.

Blah, blah, blah, says Mitt tonight.  Why bother listening?  We can’t trust one word he says.

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  1. Martin Lack

     /  August 31, 2012

    You have hit the nail on the head, Jennifer, with this:
    “I think we have to cut the [incumbent] President some slack.

    As I effectively said to all your readers recently… However disappointed they may be with Obama, they cannot possibly countenance the alternative offered by the GOP. That being the case, they need to stop complaining about not having a choice because they have a very important choice to make; whether or not they wish to be involved in preventing the election of a Presidential candidate more right-wing (and prone to saying whatever his paymasters want him to say) than the current government of Canada…


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