Dancing in the end times

And so here we find ourselves, finally, on the cusp of a great turning in solar time, the fabled 12-21-12.  It is a dark, wet, windy, wild morning here in the hills of western Massachusetts.

Since I started this blog back in the summer of 2011, with the optimistic URL “bethechange2012,” I have found many others who have beckoned to me like beacons of strength and inspiration on my somewhat lonely path of inquiry and discovery.

In the early days of Transition Times my own light was quite tentative and often overwhelmed with fear and distress, the product of my dawning realization of the tremendous gravity of the situation in which we find ourselves.

We cannot pretend to each other that the news is good for humanity, any more than for the rest of the living beings on the planet.

These are the transition times: the end of a long era of existence, as the ancient Mayan shamans rightly foresaw, and the beginning of something new.

I cannot and will not shy away from diving into the heart of the wreck that is our human civilization on this planet in the early 21st century.  Exposing what I find there is part of my mission with this blog.

However, it is also my purpose to be a channel and a beacon of hope for others who are searching for  meaning in these troubled times we live in.

We are all caught up in a vortex much greater than any individuals among us could produce, an accelerating forward surge that is hurtling humanity, and the planet we share with so many other life forms, towards a new era.

We cannot know what this means for each of us as individuals.  But I am coming to realize that the most important thing we can be doing in these transition times is to serve each other, and the other beings on the planet, as a form of shelter and anchor in the storm.

I will close with an image taken on one of my many thoughtful rambles over the past few months.  To me it represents the planet calling to me, and to all of us who love her, to continue to push back against the forces that would despoil and blight her.

The rocks, earth and waters of the Earth remind us that geological time is slow and very, very long.  Our dance on the planet as humans is so brief.  Let us enjoy our time here passionately, and turn our dancing to good works.

Benedict Pond, Monterey, November 2012

Benedict Pond, Monterey MA, November 2012

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